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Use Arena Metrics to track and chart a variety of statistical data. You can manually enter the metric data or use a SQL query to generate data automatically. Use Child Metrics to organize different metric charts and display metrics in either an area, pie chart, multi-line, area stacked, or line chart format.

Pie Chart Metric


Line Metric

Add a Metric

1.          From the Membership menu, click the Metrics option.

2.          Click the Add button.

3.          Enter a Title for this metric.

4.          Click the Add button.

5.          Select the Metric from the list.

6.          Click the Edit button.

7.          Enter the required and desired fields.

Parent Metric – Select the parent metric if this is a child metric.

Metric Order – Enter 1 if not using child metrics.

Graph Type – Select graph type.

Metric Title – Enter a title for this metric to display above the graph.

Series Caption – Enter a caption for this metric to display below the graph.

Description – Enter a description to display above the graph.

Source Summary – Enter a source summary for this metric.

Collection Frequency – Select the frequency the data should be collected.

Collect Last Date – This is the last date data was collected.

Collection SQL Statement – Enter the SQL statement for this metric.

Numeric XValues – Check this box if you would like to display the X-axis values for this metric.

8.          Click the Save button.

9.          Click the Security  icon to set security for this metric.

Add a Child Metric

Select the Metric to which you would like to add a child metric.

1.          Click the Add button.

2.          Enter a Title for this Child Metric.

3.          Click the Add button.

4.          Click the Child Metric link.

5.          Click the Edit button.

6.          Enter the appropriate fields, including the SQL statement for this metric.

7.          Click the Save button.