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Active Campaigns


The Active Campaigns page displays all current campaigns. Click the Campaign link to open a new window with the next family to contact. See your Arena Administrator if there are no campaigns.

Before you begin to use this feature, review the below customization options:

The Campaign Family Status Lookup determines the options (buttons) available in the Calling Campaign. The “Include” qualifier determines the number of calls for the specific category prior to the call being marked complete.

Review Campaign New Family module where you can set to allow for Group Registration and which Group Cluster Type, and if to make available Assignment Workflow.

Create campaigns on the Administration menu and the Campaign Administration option.

Review the Campaign Next Family module and customize as needed.

Review the Campaign Family Status lookup and customize as needed. This lookup determines the call options and how many times a user can select the same result before the family is "Complete."

Each tab represents a family member, listed by age. On this page, you can update the personal information of each family member, register someone for a small group, add an individual prayer request, initiate an assignment workflow, add campaign notes, email an individual, and select the result of the call.

Different callers can simultaneously access the same calling campaign. Arena displays the next person to call for each caller. The same family does not display for more than one caller. Once a family displays, they do not display again in the same campaign for one day, regardless of the result, and even if you close the campaign window without selecting a result (unless the result completes the campaign for that family, in which case the family does not show again in the campaign at all).

The below screen displays once the caller has gone through all the families in the campaign. If you have no contact with anyone in the campaign, after one hour, those families display again and the volunteer can attempt to reach the family again.