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Set the Person Detail Show Workflow module setting to “True” on the Person Detail page in order to enable Assignment Workflows from the Person Detail page.

Verify the AssignmentBaseDetailURL Organization Setting is set properly (e.g., http://arena/default.aspx?page=3210&checkId=1). (To check the proper page number, go to Administration/Pages and expand pages to the Home/Assignments/Assignment Type/Assignment Detail. If needed, replace the above reference page ID (3210) with your Arena Assignment Detail page ID.)

If using Assignment Workflow, start the Assignment Process Start Agent.

Set security for each Assignment Type. (Assignment security is like Tag security. Users need View and Edit permissions in order to initiate and edit an assignment.)

Customize the Assignment System Emails.

To display links on the Arena home page for Workers, Requesters, and Subscribers add the My Assignments module to the Right Content of the Home page. Add the module three times changing the Mode for each module instance and add a Title for each instance.