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Quick Search


The Quick Search box is located in the upper left-hand corner. It can be used to search for a record by any part of the first name, nick name, last name, previous name, company or Arena record ID. Companies use only the last name field. Arena searches for any active or inactive record.

Enter your search criteria in the search... box and then press the Enter key.

NOTE: Use a comma to search for first names. (e.g. ",James" or "Anderson, James"). Use the percent (%) wild card in replacement of several characters and the underscore (_) wild card in replacement of any single character (e.g. "A%son", "%son", or "A%s_n"). Wild cards can be used individually or together.

The results are listed below in a grid. Hover over a name to see a quick view.

The following columns are displayed on the page:

Name: Click the Name link to open a record.

Status: displays the person’s member status.

Campus: If using multi-campus, the column displays the Campus of which the person is associated.

Gender: Displays Male, Female, or Unknown.

Age: Displays the calculated age based on the birthdate.

Home Phone: Displays the person’s main/home phone number. For records with no land line, it is common practice to enter the main cell in the family main/home phone field.

Distance from <Organization name>: Displays the distance of the person’s primary address is from the organization. Distance is a straight line, not directional.

Small Group: Displays the Small Group  icon if the person is in at least one group. Click this link to display the first group listed on the Person Detail page.

Class Level: If using, the Class Level column displays the ‘class’ the person has completed. If using the Class Level, create a Tag for the ‘Member Class,’ add the Tag ID to the Class Level Organization Setting, create an Attendance Type Category and Attendance Type(s) for each class. Class Levels are determined by Attendance Type order for the Attendance Type Category with the highest-level class being the entry-level class and the lowest being the final class.

Serving: Displays the Serving  icon if the person is in a serving tag. Hover over the icon to display the number of hours the person is currently serving.

E-Mail: Displays the preferred email address.

Click the column header of any underlined column header to sort by a single column across all pages. An Ascending  icon or Descending  icon displays to indicate your sort choice. Click multiple times to toggle between ascending and descending order for any single column.


The Page Size field displays the number of items to display on the page. The default page size is 20 items. Change the page size by entering the number of items to display and then click the Refresh button. The number to the right of the Refresh button displays all records that meet the search criteria across all pages if the items exceed the page size.

Selecting Records

Use the check boxes to select records to use with the Word® Merge, Bulk Update, Merge Members, Email, SMS or Excel® export icons on the bottom right of this page.

If you do not select any records, then all records across all pages are used. Select the top box to the left of Name label to select all records on that page.

NOTE: To select specific records across multiple pages, change the page size to display all records. (Page size is user specific and applies to all pages, until you change the page size again.)

After selecting names, click one of the icons at the bottom of the page to initiate the corresponding options. The options are listed below:

Click the Word  icon to mail merge selected records with an available document. (Your Arena Administrator can modify the list of available documents.)

Click the Bulk Update  icon to update all selected records through Person Bulk Update.

Click the Merge Member  icon to merge selected records into one record.

Click the Send Email  icon to send an email to selected records through Arena Communications.

Click the SMS Message  icon to send a SMS Message to selected records.

Click the Excel  icon to export selected records to Excel. When exporting to Excel, all fields from the active page exports in addition to default fields. Required fields are set in List Configuration.