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Create Peer Types


1.          From the Administration menu, click the Peer Types option located under the CUSTOMIZE heading.

2.          Click the Add link.

3.          Enter a Name for the peer type.

4.          Select Active if not already selected.

5.          Enter a Description.

6.          Select a peer network Stored Procedure. The list of available stored procedures includes both default and custom stored procedures.

7.          Enter Organization description and ID #.

8.          Enter the Value for this peer type. A large value indicates a stronger ‘peer’ connection.

9.          Click the Update button.

10.          Repeat steps 1-8 for to setup additional peer types.

11.          Click and hold the Reorder  icon to move the Peer Type to the desired order. The peer types are processed in the order listed on this page. If you are using the calculate_declining_stored procedure, you must make it the last one in the list or it does not calculate any below itself.