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Customize the Contribution Fund Category, Contribution Range, Contribution Source, Contributions Adjustment Type and Contributions Motivations Lookups.

Review and customize all associated modules. To allow refunds, set the public site to “true.” Set the Default Years contribution history to display on the Person Detail/Contribution tab on the Contribution List module.

Install Arena Hub Contribution Reports particularly if using the Donation Kiosk feature.

Add Payment Gateway provider. Connect the payment gateway accounts to the applicable modules.

Customize the Contribution Information section on the Person Detail page. (E.g. Select print or email statement, PIN number for email statement recipients, and Sub-donor.)

If using check scanners, verify all current drivers are loaded. (Supported scanners are Canon CR25/55, 50/80, and 135/180/190. Ranger drivers are required for some Canon scanners. If using existing scanners, verify that the scanners can produce a text output in notepad.)

If applicable, customize the Contribution Sub-donor Title Organization Setting and set the Show Sub Donor module setting to “True” on the Person Detail page.

If using online giving:

From the Administration menu, click the Payment Gateways option located under the CONFIGURE heading to setup your payment gateway account(s).

If using a provider where redirects are used, provide a return redirect URL (e.g., to your provider.

Customize Giving Batch Name Organization Setting. The default value is “Online Batch.”

Customize the Repeating Payment Wizard module. Refer to the Implementing Arena-Managed Website Features in this document for additional setup information.

Setup your member login pages. Refer to the Implementing Arena-Managed Website Features section.

If emailing contribution statements:

Start Email Contribution Statement agent.

On the Person Detail page for each recipient, select email statement and a enter PIN. Both fields are required. PINs can be up to ten characters.

Select a contribution report on the Email Statements module.

Customize Online Contribution System Emails.

Customize the Online Giving Rejected Contribution System Email.

Set the Email Statements Contribution Statement Report module setting to the desired statement on the Email Statements page.


If using Donation Kiosk:

Install the Donation Kiosk from Arena Hub.

Install Contribution Reports from Arena Hub.

Select Funds to make available on the Kiosk Enter Amounts module on the Enter Amounts page.

Customize Kiosk Swipe Card module on the Enter Payment Info page.

If using the Contribution Application:

Customize Contribution Application Settings. Changes are global for all users accessing the Contribution application. You can make user specific changes in the application settings for each workstation.

Set Contributions Application security.

Install .Net and Report Viewer (8.0. 9.0 and 10.0 versions) on all workstations using the Contributions application.