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New Account Request


When adding a new account, there is an option for Campus. The following steps explain how to setup and verify the Campus option on the New Account Request (portal) page.



1.          From the Administration menu, select the Pages option.

2.          Navigate to the New Account Request folder.

3.          Select the Main Content tab, and then click on the New Account Request module link.

4.          The Display Campus Selector drop-down is set to "False" by default. Set the Display Campus Selector to "True" and then select a campus from the Default Campus drop-down.

NOTE: You can change the Default Campus even when the Display Campus Selector is set to "False". This does not display a Campus on the portal, but simply allows you to set a campus default for when and if you decide to change the Display Campus Selector to "True".

5.          After verifying your changes and then click the  button.

6.          From the Administration menu, select the Refresh Cache option.

7.          Go the Members Responsive Portal on your browser and select the Register button.

8.          Notice the Campus drop-down is available with the default campus selected.