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Volunteer Tracking


If using Volunteer Tracking, review and customize the below elements:

Customize the Ministry Type, and Commitment Types Lookups.

Customize Volunteer Category Title, Volunteer Request No URL, Volunteer Request Yes URL and Volunteer Service Name Organization Settings.

If using the Class Level option to identify Class Level: create an Attendance Type Category and Attendance Type(s) for each class and add the Attendance Type Category ID to the Class Level Organization setting.

If using the Service View option, review and customize the below elements:

Serving tags must exist in order to create services.

By default, the Service View and Team Member Detail pages and modules require the Arena Administrator and/or the Volunteer Service Can Create Teams security roles.

In order for a staff member that is not an Arena Administrator to be able to edit a service, they need the Volunteer Service Can Create Teams security role.

The VolunteerRequestYesUrl and the VolunteerRequestNoUrl organizations settings should also have a valid value pointing to the new Volunteer pages on the web portal.

Two new pages are also created in the web portal for the volunteers to accept or reject their availability for a service. These pages must have the All Users security role in order for the volunteers to be able to accept or reject a volunteer service opportunity without having to login to the web portal.

Make sure that the Organization URL is properly entered under Administration > Organization in order for the email communications pertaining to Services to work.

In order for the reminder emails to work, the Agent | Volunteer Reminder system email and the Agent.Worker.ArenaVolunteerReminder agent job must be configured.

In order for services to be available for sign up on the web portal pages, a service must have the Allow Sign Ups option enabled for the position.