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Mobile Portal


The mobile portal is designed to allow staff members to access Arena from browser-enabled mobile devices. As such, the pages use simple templates and do not have the script handling capabilities of a full web site. The mobile portal allows staff:

Search, view and edit records

Send emails to existing records

Upload member photos

Use Check-In to check someone in

View subscribed Personal and subscribed Tags

View My Lists

View list of Staff

View and update prayer list requests

Enter record notes with the option to mark them private

The mobile portal, template, pages and modules are already in place. You can elect to make all available features available to your staff or customize specific features.

Mobile Portal Settings

To view the portal settings, select the portal from the Portal List page.

In addition to the other steps previously covered to make the portal publicly accessible, enter the Default Domain on this page.

Next, review the pages and module settings for all available pages. You can elect to implement all available features or just the ability to search and view records.

Login – This is the login page for the portal.

Home – This is the home page after a user logs in. This page uses the Mobile Person Quick Search module with Person Search page setting, the Page Navigation module with required XsltUrl setting. You can also add the LoginLogout module.

Person Search – This page is for searching for records and uses the Person Search module with Mobile Person Details Page setting.

Person Details – This page is the mobile version of the Person Detail page and uses the Person Details module with optional mobile Check-In setting.

Subscribed Tags – This page displays all Tags the user subscribes and uses the Mobile Profile List module with required Profile Details page, Profile List Type page, and XSLT Path.

Profile Details – This page displays the Tag details and requires the Profile Details module with Mobile Profile Member Detail Page setting.

Profile Member Details – This page displays a tag member and uses the Profile Member Details module with Mobile Person Detail page setting.

Subscribed Groups – This page displays all Groups the user subscribes and uses the Subscribed Groups module with the XSLT Path.

Check-In – This page displays the mobile Check-in and uses the Mobile Check In module with the Mobile Check Out page and Mobile Person Details page settings.

My Lists – The page displays all lists from the My List page for the current user and uses Mobile Person Details page setting.

Prayer – This page displays all prayer requests for the selected or specified Prayer Categories and uses the Mobile Prayer Session mobile and the desired categories selected.

Personal Tags – This page displays Personal Tags for the current user and uses the Mobile Profile List module with the required Profile Details page, Profile List Type page, and XSLT Path setting.

Staff – This page displays all records marked as Staff and uses the Staff List module with optional Description Attribute and Mobile Person Details page settings.

Assignments – This page displays assignments for the current user and uses the Mobile Assignments module with the Mobile Person Details page setting.


Mobile Users Page

From the search results page, users can view and edit individual information. Security permissions determine view and edit rights.

After selecting a record, Arena displays a modified Person Detail page.

Users can check a person into an available class, add the person to a Personal Tag or start an Assignment Workflow.

Add person to a Personal Tag.

Users can check-in regular attenders and search for people checked in.

Available Classes

Users can start a Workflow Assignment from the Person Detail page.

View Assignments of which the user is a worker, requestor or a subscriber.

Assignment Type

Workers can access and update assignments.

NOTE: Notes are displayed in a shorted form. Click on the shorted form of a note to expand it.

Users can view subscribed Tags and all Personal Tags.

Subscribed Tags

Personal Tags

Users can view My Lists and a Staff List.

The Prayer Team can access the Prayer Ministry Toolbox.

Prayer Ministry Toolbox