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Giving Kiosk Portal


The Giving Kiosk solution gives members the ability to give on-site using your organization’s existing payment gateway provider, and a browser enabled device using a USB card swipe device.

Setup the Giving Kiosk

Install the Donation Kiosk plug-in from the Arena Hub.

Register the domain or subdomain for this portal.

Customize Portal settings. You can optionally customize the CSS which is located in the Arena\Hub\Plugins\Arena.Plugin.DonationKiosk\CSS folder. If electing to customize the CSS, be aware the file may be overwritten with an Arena update.

Review all pages and customize as required and desired.

Kiosk Root page has no required modules

Phone Search page – This page is used to search for existing records by phone number and use the Kiosk Phone Search and Idle Timeout modules. If an entered phone is not identified, members are redirected to the Register With Us page.

Register With Us page – This page is used for non-registrants to sign up in order to give via donation kiosk. This page uses the Kiosk Register module where you can select default Member Status for new contributors. This page also uses the Idle Timeout module.

Enter Amounts page – This page is where contributors can select funds. This page uses the Kiosk Enter Amounts module where the Swipe Page module setting is required. This page also uses the Idle Timeout module. Be sure to select which funds to make available on this module.

Enter Payment Info page – This page is where contributors swipe the payment method. This page uses the Kiosk Swipe Card module where the Enter Amount page, Giving Kiosk Home page, Payment Gateway, and Thank module settings are required. You can optionally set a specific batch name in the Kiosk Swipe Card module. This page also uses the Idle Timeout module.

Thank You page- This page displays after a contribution is processed. This page uses the Kiosk Thank you module where the Giving Kiosk Home Page is required. This page also uses the Idle Timeout module.

Customize Portal settings.

Start the Contribution Statement Agent.

Customize the Contribution Statement System Email.


To Use the Giving Kiosk

Go to the Giving Kiosk portal.

Enter the last four digits of the person’s phone number. Use any phone number type on the person’s record.

For non-Arena records, the below screen displays.

You can also add new records.

Enter amount in the applicable fund fields.

Swipe card.