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From the Administration menu, select the Email Configuration option located under the ADMIN heading to configure the email server.

Customize the Mail Merge module on the New Communication page. (If using thresholds, consider adding the Communications Approval List module to a new page in order to centralize all pending communications to one page for communication approvers.)

If using SMS via email:

Set SMS via Email Enabled Organization Setting to True.

Verify all desired ISPs are available in the SMS Provider Lookup.

Add phone numbers to all applicable records with SMS checked and provider selected.

Verify your email limits can accommodate the increase emails.

If using SMS via StrikeIron:

Verify that StrikeIron has the account as a Global 2.5 account.

Set SMSViaEmail Enabled Organization Setting to False.

If not currently available, add the following Organization Settings and enter the applicable values for each, as provided by StrikeIron: SMSProvider_UserName, SMSProvider_Password

To enable the option for email recipients to unsubscribe to emails, add a hidden page to the external portal with the Bulk Email Unsubscribe module and reference this page on the communication’s mail merge module.

From the Communications menu, click the Previous option to set security permissions to view only to limit previous communications sent by the current user logged in.

Consider setting up the Email Clean option. It uses the Email Clean Agent. The Email Clean automation agent can delete or inactivate bad email addresses from the Arena database. It monitors a specific POP3 email account looking for bounced messages from the Arena membership and newsletter subscription tables. Arena flags email addresses determined to be 'bad' as inactive and noted with an appropriate reason. Specific setup instructions can be found on the Community/ArenaWiki/Arena Agents page.

Consider adding a default name and email address to a communication template.

Due to email security and spam issues, email providers have tightened up rules regarding sending and receiving emails. Below is an explanation of the business rules Arena follows when sending emails.

The “From Email” domain is not equal to “SmtpFromDomain”

Set “From Email” = Organization Email

Set “Sender” = Organization Email

Set “ReturnReceiptAddress” = Organization Email

IF “Reply To Email” is blank Set “Reply to Email” = Original “From Email” address ELSE No Change

If “From Email” domain is  equal to “SmtpFromDomain”

“From Email” = No Change

“Sender” = No Change

“ReturnReceiptAddress” = No Change

IF “Reply To Email” is blank Set “Reply to Email” = Original “From Email” address ELSE No Change