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Online Sports Monitor


An Arena-managed website can include a Sports Monitor that allows visitors to view the game schedule, season statistics, and team rosters of your organization’s sports ministries. For each separate sport category or “root cluster” you need a distinct Team List module and Team Stats module set to the proper root cluster value, which can be on the same page as your existing Team List and Team Stats modules, or on separate pages. You can use the same Team Details page and modules for any number of sport categories. This feature requires three pages.

Team Finder page – This page enables visitors to navigate through the various divisions and teams within the specified League. This page requires the Team List module with the Team Detail page selected and a Root Cluster ID setting of the Group_Cluster_ID value of the league-level group for this sport category.

Team Details page – This page displays the details of a team including practice day, roster, announcements, description, and game schedule. This page requires the Team Details module with a Season selected from the Sports Seasons Lookup.

Team Statistics page – This page displays the team names, win/loss/tie records, win percentage, the number of completed games and remaining games for each team. This page requires the Team Stats module with a specific Season (from the same lookup as used on the Team Details page above), Starting Cluster ID (again, the same Group_Cluster_ID as on both of the previous pages), and Team Detail page selected.