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Online Newsletters


Your organization can use Online Newsletters to communicate with your membership and your staff in many different ways. Use this feature to cover a broad range of topics in one newsletter or a newsletter for each department. Depending on the specific purpose of the Newsletter, you can deploy it behind a secured login page, such as the Members section. Alternatively, you can make your newsletter public and allow public subscriptions by non-members. In either case, the implementation follows the same process.

In addition to customizing the associated pages and modules, use the checklist below to configure this feature:

Customize the Newsletter Title Organization Setting.

Customize the Newsletter Article Type, Newsletter Author Sources and Newsletter Copyright Source Lookups.

Start the Newsletter and Newsletter Subscription | Email Verification System Emails.

Start the Newsletter Send Agent. This agent sends the specified newsletter to newsletter subscribers. You need to add the Newsletter ID to the Worker Settings. Before it sends the email, the agent performs some URL cleanup and replaces the <!-- ##unsubscribe## --> markup with a personalized unsubscribe link for each subscriber. Because of this you must ensure that your publish point includes the ##unsubscribe## markup.

Customize the publish point page. This publish point page generally differs from the Main Newsletter page in several ways. Because it is not intended to be viewed by a person browsing your website, it does not contain site navigation and should be based on a simplified page template.

If using the email verification option add a Newsletter child page, making it not visible in the navigation, set the Newsletter Subscription Verification module setting; reference this new page ID in the Newsletter Subscribe module; and customize the Newsletter Subscription | Email Verification system email.

Each newsletter needs dedicated pages on the external website to function correctly. This is the outward- facing side of your newsletter, where users view each volume and article of your newsletter, as well as manage their subscription to the newsletter and search the newsletter’s archives. Each of your e-newsletters need a separate set of these pages with the required modules and module settings. You initial installation includes one set of pages, described on the next page. Arena installations includes one set of default pages.