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Event Tags


Customize the Event Profile Detail module on the Event Tags page. Consider setting the Show Account Numbers module setting to “True” so users can enter the account number per fee or payment. This is particularly beneficial when exporting transactions to V5 General Ledger.

Set the additional Edit Registration and Allow Refund security permissions, by tag and user, and the Occurrence Detail page so that users can create occurrences for event tags. A future occurrence is required in order for an event tag to display on the external website.

Start the Event Email Agent. Be sure to enter a comma-delimited list of Tag IDs for which to send email reminders.

Customize the Event Visibility, and Topic Area Lookups. Use this lookup to specify which topics to display on Arena’s external website calendar.

From the Administration menu, click the Payment Gateways option located under the CONFIGURE heading to add a Payment Gateway to enable online event registration payments. Connect the payment gateways to the applicable modules.

Verify a General Ledger Export page is available. This page is required in order to use the Export button on the Event Tag Transactions tab/page. This page requires the Event General Ledger Export (pop-up) module and is referenced in the Event Detail Tab module.

Customize Event Refund and Event Registration Notification system emails.

Consider editing the Event Profile Detail/Tools File module setting to enable the full RAD Editor. This setting requires the file path to the RAD editor tool (e.g., ToolsFileAdvancedText.xml).

To enable users the option to adjust the default registration steps, add the Event Registration Steps page with the Registration List module. Also, you need to change the Registration page setting on the Event Detail module on the web portal. Custom Registration steps apply to ALL Event Tags and users need to replicate the same steps for all events.

If using a third party resource management application:

Add the account information on the Facilities Management Setup page with the Resource Manager Setup module. Arena integrates with MinistrEspace facilities management resource.

Set the Event Resource and Event Resource Admin Role settings on the Event Profile Detail module.

Start the Update Resourced Events Agent.